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    Always Wanderlust

  • A Day in Dubrovnik: Things to Do
    The Croatian city of Dubrovnik is a hugely popular tourist destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it is a mixture of old architecture and new, brimming with influences from across the ages. It offers stunning views out to sea and is... Read more »
  • Travel Photo – The Milky Way in Shira Camp 2 at Kilimanjaro
    The Milky Way in Shira Camp 2 at Kilimanjaro This was one of the more pleasant hikes in the 8 Day Lemosho Route. The whole trek was grueling and you’ll need all 8 days to get you in tip-top shape to tackle Uhuru Peak on the 7th day. Summit success... Read more »
  • Travel Photo – Mount Kilimanjaro Under the Milky Way
    It’s long been on my Bucket List to climb one of the “Seven Summits, the highest peaks in the 7 continents.” Normally, there would be swathes of tourists and would-be climbers to this world-famous mountain. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has offered us the rare opportunity to experience this trek almost... Read more »
  • Moscow Subway Stations to Check Out When You’re in Russia
    Enjoy these awesome metro stations in Moscow, Russia - The most gorgeous underground palace in the world! The post Moscow Subway Stations to Check Out When You’re in Russia appeared first on Always Wanderlust.... Read more »
  • What’s in my Camera Bag? A Photography Gear Guide!
    Gear. Whether we admit to it or not, we are obsessed with camera gear as photographers. I get asked the “What camera or lens are you using?” question often enough that if I had a dime for each time I’ve heard it, I’ll be able to buy the Sony FE... Read more »
  • Six Stunning Destinations to Visit where it’s Not Crowded
    One of the reasons why people travel is to relax and get away from the daily stresses of life. Unfortunately, visiting famous tourist destinations can be such a hassle and stressful sometimes due to the throngs of tourists. Thankfully, there are many places in the world that are stunning, but... Read more »
  • Photo of the Day – Seattle Space Needle & Mount Baker
    It took some detective work to get this shot. First, Mount Baker is roughly 88 miles away from Seattle so you’ll need a very clear day for it to be visible in the city – which, in itself, is rare in the Pacific Northwest. On the flip side, the air... Read more »

    Travel Dudes

  • What to do in 24 hours in Manila, Philippines
    If you only have 24 hours in Manila, Philippines, here's what we suggest you do to make the most out of your short trip in the city. The post What to do in 24 hours in Manila, Philippines appeared first on Travel Dudes.... Read more »
  • Paid Volunteer Work While Travelling Abroad
    Travellers who are abroad for a long time only think of how much they are going to spend. You can get paid volunteer work while abroad, too! The post Paid Volunteer Work While Travelling Abroad appeared first on Travel Dudes.... Read more »
  • Road Trip to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur Escapade in the Philippines
    Highlights of a road trip to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur in the Philippines: Rich in Culture, Traditions and Lifestyle. The post Road Trip to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur Escapade in the Philippines appeared first on Travel Dudes.... Read more »
  • Diving Spots in the Philippines
    Anilao, Batangas is home to Philippines scuba diving. Discover more about this popular diving spot, plus more diving spots in the Philippines. The post Diving Spots in the Philippines appeared first on Travel Dudes.... Read more »
  • Top Coolest Bars in Barcelona
    Barcelona is home to some of the coolest bars in the world, read on to find our top favorites. The post Top Coolest Bars in Barcelona appeared first on Travel Dudes.... Read more »
  • A Guide to Teaching English Abroad
    Travel the world and get paid for it. Teaching English abroad is a tool that will open this door for that for you. Read how to get started. The post A Guide to Teaching English Abroad appeared first on Travel Dudes.... Read more »
  • Why Merino Wool Clothing is Ideal for Traveling
    If you're a traveler, you need to consider merino wool clothing. Here's a few reasons to wear merino wool clothing for travel. The post Why Merino Wool Clothing is Ideal for Traveling appeared first on Travel Dudes.... Read more »

    Hand Luggage Only

  • We’ve written a book! Hand Luggage Only: Great Britain
    We are so excited!!! After years of travelling, countless desserts guzzled and copious amounts of chocolate consumed we’ve finally taken the leap and worked with our amazing publishers to create our book, Hand Luggage Only: Great Britain!  It’s hard to put into words what this means to us, which is... Read more »
  • 14 Very Best Beaches in Cornwall To Visit
    Cornwall is an incredible region of Southern England to explore! With stunning coastal towns, some pretty incredible castles and the most beautiful hotels, it’s the kind of place that’s as charming as it is beautiful. This is no more so than with the picturesque coastline that’s home to some of... Read more »
  • Epic 7-day Itinerary To Visit Malta On Holiday
    Malta is an incredible island to explore. Nestled right in the Med, it’s is filled with thousands of years of history, stunning bays and the most incredible cities that are just too beautiful to miss. So, to help you get the most out of your trip, we wanted to share... Read more »
  • 14 Very Best Beaches in Florida To Visit
    There’s something really special about Florida! Not only is it packed-full with some incredible places to visit but it’s also got gorgeous national parks, amazing cities and some of the very best beaches in Florida that you really can’t miss.  Over the years, we’ve visited Florida countless times and explored... Read more »
  • 11 Best Places In Oregon To Visit
    Oregon is an incredible state to visit! Filled with the most dramatic Westcoast scenery, drives and parks; it’s the kind of state you can explore for years and not get bored. Plus, there’s a heap of the best places in Oregon to visit even if the great outdoors isn’t your... Read more »
  • 10 Very Best Things To Do In Rhode Island
    Small and totally mighty, Rhode Island is one of the gorgeous spots on the east coast that’s totally amazing to explore! From picturesque bays, historic towns and museums galore, there’s a heap of the best things to do in Rhode Island dotted all across the state.  We totally loved our... Read more »
  • 12 Best Things To Do In New Jersey
    Perched just off the Hudson River, New Jersey is a state that’s sometimes bypassed in lieu of visiting its big sister; New York. That being said, there’s a heap of the best things to do in New Jersey that you really should explore. From historic boardwalks, iconic university towns to... Read more »

    Goats On The Road

  • 15 Pros and Cons of Living in Denver, Colorado
    Denver, Colorado, is a true mountainside paradise and is just at the foothills of outdoor adventures galore, with the Rocky Mountains only a 30-minute drive away. However, there are pros and cons of living in Denver that you may not have realized. I’ve lived in Denver for a year so... Read more »
  • 7 Best Places to Live in Thailand for Digital Nomads
    Working remotely in Thailand is what dreams are made of. This article will list the best places to live in Thailand for digital nomads. Imagine working beside a swimming pool or beautiful beach and taking breaks to eat pad Thai while soaking up cool, cosmopolitan cities or amazing nature —... Read more »
  • 10 Best Hikes in The Canadian Rockies
    The Canadian Rockies is the dream destination for all outdoor lovers. Whether you like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, really any sport, the breathtaking mountains offer it all. Because hiking is so accessible, it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular outdoor activity, no matter the fitness level. I’m going... Read more »
  • Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Lisbon, Portugal
    Lisbon is arguably one of the best places in Europe to live as a digital nomad. The city is rich in culture and history and has a lot to offer to both tourists and remote workers. I’ve spent several months living in Lisbon as a digital nomad on two separate... Read more »
  • 15 Best Things To Do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin by population, and it’s also the fifth-largest city in the midwest. As you can imagine, there are endless things to see and do in Milwaukee to keep you busy.  Located near Lake Michigan, there are several fun water activities you... Read more »
  • 10 Best Van Life Jobs (Easy Ways to Make Money On the Road)
    Have you ever thought about ditching the nine-to-five and hitting the open road to try your hand at van life?    Inevitably, what brings that daydream crashing down is the realization that if you don’t punch in for work tomorrow, not only will you not be buying a new van,... Read more »
  • 10 Best Proofreading Jobs Online (Earn $45/hour)
    If you’re looking for a great way to make money online, either to earn a little extra cash from home or transition into the digital nomad lifestyle, I recommend proofreading and editing. I’ve been proofreading online for the past year while living abroad in Japan, and it’s been an amazing... Read more »

    Be My Travel Muse

  • Video40 Incredible Places to Visit in Kentucky
    To be honest, Kentucky wasn’t always on my travel radar. Like many people unfamiliar with the Bluegrass State, I previously had a lot of assumptions about it. However, the state is much more than meets the eye, and it is home to some incredible destinations. This list breaks down the... Read more »
  • 30 Powerful Affirmations for Success
    Affirmations are one of my favorite things to include in my morning routine. Whether it’s writing, saying, or even meditating on them, they help me start the day on a positive note. If you are new to practicing affirmations, the idea may sound a bit silly at first, but after... Read more »
  • VideoThe Ultimate Guide to Lexington, Kentucky
    Lexington is a small city that packs a big punch. It’s full of history, and the horse racing and breeding culture is its most notable feature. Who knows, maybe Lexington was the original #horsegirl? Small cities like this one make awesome travel destinations because they’re almost never too crowded and... Read more »
  • Video25 Cozy Places to Visit in the USA in November
    I may be partial because November is my birthday month and fall is my favorite season, but I think November is a magical time of year. In fact, I think it might be the most magical time of year, even more so than Christmastime. After all, Thanksgiving is hands down... Read more »
  • 30 Daily Affirmations for Self-love + Free Wallpapers
    Do you believe that our thoughts become words and then become actions? After practicing writing, speaking and meditating on affirmations for years, I am now a firm believer. The ability to choose my thoughts has freed me from self-doubt, eased my anxiety and boosted my confidence in myself and the... Read more »
  • Your Perfect Travel Guide for Louisville, Kentucky
    Louisville is another one of the USA’s most underrated cities. This Kentucky city is bursting with southern charm, but is also constantly transforming and reinventing itself. You may already know about Louisville’s thriving bourbon culture, famous fried chicken, and vibrant Kentucky derby, but there is so much more to discover... Read more »
  • 20 of the Absolute Best Places to Visit in Michigan
    From scenic drives to miles of rugged coastline and everything in between, Michigan is easily one of the most beautiful states in the USA. Michigan is home to thousands of gorgeous freshwater lakes, millions of acres of forests, and hundreds of wonderful cities just waiting for you to explore. Thinking... Read more »

    The Planet D - Adventure Travel

  • The Best Things to do in Revelstoke, BC – Besides Skiing
    It was on our road trip from Vancouver that we had the chance to finally see the glorious Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Located partway between Vancouver and Calgary, this resort doesn’t ... Continue Reading Read the original post The Best Things to do in Revelstoke, BC – Besides Skiing on The... Read more »
  • Beautiful Croatia – The 20 Best Things to See and Do
    With a coastline of powder-sand beaches, flanked by historic buildings and topped off by a series of exceptional national parks, it’s no surprise that traveling to Croatia is a dream ... Continue Reading Read the original post Beautiful Croatia – The 20 Best Things to See and Do on The... Read more »
  • Best British Columbia Road Trip – Plus Win a Stay at a Sandman Hotel
    We’ve taken our fair share of BC road trips from driving the famous Sea to Sky Highway to exploring the glorious Sunshine Coast. Our latest journey took us east to ... Continue Reading Read the original post Best British Columbia Road Trip – Plus Win a Stay at a Sandman... Read more »
  • 26 Best Things to do in Vancouver, BC
    A diverse city backed by towering mountains, Vancouver is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. On the Strait of Georgia and spliced by False Creek, Vancouver, BC ... Continue Reading Read the original post 26 Best Things to do in Vancouver, BC on The Planet D: Adventure... Read more »
  • How to Visit Barcelona on a Budget
    Looking to visit Barcelona on a budget? In this guide, we’ll help you out with some of our favourite money-saving tips to make the most of your trip to the ... Continue Reading Read the original post How to Visit Barcelona on a Budget on The Planet D: Adventure Travel... Read more »
  • 16 Beautiful and Best Hikes in Kauai, Hawaii
    With some of the most spectacular hiking trails from Waimea Canyon to the Sleeping Giant Trail, Kauai hiking was made for the adventurous soul. The Hawaiian island’s vast north shore, ... Continue Reading Read the original post 16 Beautiful and Best Hikes in Kauai, Hawaii on The Planet D: Adventure... Read more »
  • 16 Facts About India That You Probably Never Knew About
    In 2019, before the impacts of the pandemic, India had approximately 10 million foreign tourists visit its country. This unique country is full of facts that range from world records to unexplainable phenomenons.   ... Continue Reading Read the original post 16 Facts About India That You Probably Never Knew About on The Planet... Read more »

    Practical Wanderlust

  • The Ultimate 10-Day New England Road Trip Itinerary
    White steeples against crisp blue skies, glorious autumn colors and fall foliage like you wouldn’t believe, fresh lobster rolls, REAL maple syrup – New England conjures all kinds of cozy associations! And some not so cozy, like great white sharks, witch-hunts, whaling, and rabid sports fans (don’t worry, they don’t... Read more »
  • 10 Charming Places to Experience Fall in New Hampshire
    Train rides through fall foliage. Fresh apple cider. Fabulously haunted hotels. Imagine sipping on a hot cup of cider and munching on homemade apple cider donuts from the country’s oldest orchard while riding a train up a mountain to view vibrant fall colors. This cozy feeling is a glimpse of... Read more »
  • 12 Epic Things to Do in Smoky Mountain National Park (& MASSIVE Travel Guide)
    Ancient mountains, misty forests, waterfalls, a ghost town, underground caverns, and a scenic road to nowhere: welcome to the country’s most visited National Park! Hikers, sightseers, spelunkers, white-water rafting fans and waterfall enthusiasts flock to Great Smoky Mountains National Park all year long to enjoy this enchanting swath of Appalachian... Read more »

    Ottsworld Unique Travels

  • Travel Insurance in COVID Times: How to Make Sure You Are Covered
    Sponsored Content I’m getting ready to take my first international trip since February of 2020, and I realized that I’m not very prepared to do so. After 20 months of only traveling domestically – I’m out of practice. I’m specifically rusty on the continuously changing COVID testing rules, as well... Read more »
  • VideoA Journey Through Fear on the Colorado River in an Inflatable Kayak
    “In big waves it’s easiest to catch a breath in the trough or low point of the wave instead of the top of the wave where it’s breaking” Dave said as we all encircled him brimming with excitement ready to start the whitewater part of our Cataract Canyon trip. I... Read more »
  • Wellness, Travel, and the Search for a Passion-filled life with Beyond the Nest
    In an effort to bring you some new voices on Ottsworld, here is a guest post from writer Sherry Spitsnaugle. I met Sherry S at a Denver event and found out that she was a travel writer! So not only does she have a cool name, but she also has... Read more »
  • Cataract Canyon Rafting During High Water Season: Expect a Wild Ride
    I took off my watch and packed it away, I put my phone on airplane mode. I was officially on an adventure now. Our OARS guide Dave started explaining what to expect and what our plan was for our first rafting day. I listened as I watched the Colorado River... Read more »
  • Watching Bears in BC: 3 Ways to See Grizzlies in the Wild in 2021
    I saw it out in the green field, a blackish-brown dot in the distance. A few people started gathering looking in the same direction. I was on a mission to see grizzly bears in BC Canada, and FINALLY, this was it. You see, I have a Grizzly bear curse. No... Read more »
  • Bella Coola British Columbia: One of the Last Great Wilderness Areas
    You have to want to go to Bella Coola British Columbia, there is little possibility of accidentally ending up there. It’s a small community at the end of the road in a remote region. I’ve always had a thing for communities that lie at the end of the road. There... Read more »
  • My Moab to Denver Rocky Mountaineer Colorado Train Trip
    I’ve driven this route many times between Moab and Denver, I’ve seen this landscape before. But this time I’m going at a train’s pace. At this luxury train’s pace it feels like you are soaking up the landscape like a sponge. I realize there is something different and quite beautiful... Read more »



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